The city of Piatra Neamt

The city of Piatra Neamt, the seat of Neamt county is situated in the central part of the county, on the left side of the Bistrita river. The town was first mentioned as "Piatra" in 1387-1392, but in 1859, after the unification of the Romanian Principalities the name "Neamt" was added to Piatra. The city has a population of about 130,000 inhabitants, part of them working in power industry, wood processing, knitwear, foodstuffs or tourism.

What's worth seeing in Piatra Neamt city:
- "Sfantul Ioan Botezatorul" Princely Church built in 1498 stands out by its special interior structure, its shape and refined style.
- Steven the Great's Tower, was built a year after designating the church. These two buildings seem part of the Old Princely Court.
- The ruins of the Dacians at the Batca Doamnei, date back from the 1st century B.C.- 1st century A.D.
- The History Museum Piatra Neamt, 10 Mihai Eminescu street, it shelters about 20 000 and the most important archaeological collection belonging to the Cucuteni culture (4th - 3rd millennia B.C.)
- The Art Museum - Libertatii Square
- The Natural Science Museum - 26 Petru Rares str. owns a collection of fossils fish, of which 29 species can be found nowhere else in the world, and also extremely rare exhibits from geology, flora and fauna of the Neamtului Mountains.

At about 35 km there are the monasteries of the Targu Neamt area, Neamt, Agapia, Varatec, Sihastria. They increase the tourism potential of the county and have an essential cultural importance.